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Young talents started their career in the construction industry with BS Group of Companies

“If you love your job you will never have to work a day in your life.” These wise words belong to Confucius and we can totally relate to them nowadays. In 2020 the expectations towards the working environment have changed dramatically, we realised that more than ever we need to gain new skills and competences, the importance of some jobs has raised significantly while others have left behind.

Career in the construction industry

During the summer BS Group of Companies has organized an Internship Program, open for students who are coming from technical, engineering and economic universities from Bulgaria and abroad. They had the chance to join our team and work on a real business and production projects together with mentors from the different divisions of the group. In addition, they went through a rotation within at least 2 companies and worked together on an innovative construction project. Soft skills training, career advisory session and visits in the production bases of Technogips Pro and Technopanel.

Theory vs. Practice

The most important lesson learnt was the comparison between what we study in the university vs. what the real-life construction industry is, says Vladislava Klechkova who joined Technogips Pro and BS Konstructia. I had the chance to understand better the structure and the processes in one organization. After my internship in BS Konstructia I was absolutely convinced that I want to continue my development in the construction industry, says Vladislava.

360° Production

Getting acquainted with all departments and processes in Technopanel will help me to better master the study material in the remaining period of my training as a Digital Industrial Technology Engineer at the Technical University of Sofia. During the internship I learned important things, such as teamwork, professional communication, the production process of sandwich panels, as well as their application and benefits, said Ralitsa Vladimirova, who was part of the team of Technopanel.

Different roles

The internship program provided the opportunity for rotation, which was very useful for me. I got acquainted with the activity of two of the companies in the Group, part of the journey was how a construction project is managed, what is the role of the investor and the constructor in such a process, says Stanislava Veleva, Master of Project Management in the Construction Industry. The people I worked with were very positive, open to new people the team. They are people with experience and knowledge, from whom you can learn a lot about the work, says Stanislava.

Business Projects and New Friendships

The most special part of my internship at BS Group of Companies was the internship project, in which together with the other interns we had the opportunity to create a proposal for a completely new company and service, said Denitsa Teoharova, who was an intern at BS Group of Companies, Marketing and Corporate Communications Division and is currently studying International Marketing at King's College London. This motivated us to give our best by developing a comprehensive concept, based on specific market research. In our joint work we also encountered various obstacles, which we solved through open communication and creativity. This whole process showed us how important it is to work in a team, to listen actively and to be organized and disciplined. Another very important benefit of the internship for me is the fact that I met many new friends, says Denitsa.

At BS Group of Companies we continue to support the young talents at the start of their career in the construction industry. Learn more about the new opportunities here.

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