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Quality is the key criteria for our customers

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Ina Bondjeva graduated from the Technical University of Sofia with a degree of Radio and Television Engineering. She has been working in the field of building materials trading for 26 years. For the past 7 years she has been part of the Technocim team in the position of Sales and Marketing Manager.

- Tell us more about the products manufactured and offered on the market by Technocim.

For more than 12 years now, Technocim has been a leading company in the production of concrete materials with its two product lines – pavements and rooftiles. Technocim’s factory produces vibropressed sidewalk flags and paving blocks, curbs and others (blocks for retaining walls, chimney and parking elements). The rest of the production is focused on the manufacturing of roof systems – concrete tiles and all the necessary products for complete roof construction.

- What are their distinctive advantages?

The most important advantage is the quality that Technocim never compromises on. The company has developed and implemented a quality control system that allows us to monitor and maintain constantly high standards in the production of concrete pavements and roof systems.

- What are the trends in consumer demand and do you observe any changes?

The changes I have been observing lately are extremely positive and completely correspond to our vision and concept for development. No matter If we talk about end customer or an infrastructure project, the search and decision-making process is increasingly guided by criteria of quality, reliability and long-term solutions, rather than price. The team we have assembled and which we are constantly developing allows us to be there for our clients – even physically on site all over the country and throughout the whole implementation process – starting from the creation of a visual project for vertical planning, and to the on-site delivery, to the training of the applicators. Being a reliable partner is more important to us than just selling a specific quantity.

- In your opinion, what are the innovations that will affect the production of roof tiles and pavements?

Technocim is devoted to developing and offering high-quality roof tiles and insulation membranes “TECHNO Membrane”, which protect and strengthen the durability of wooden structures and roof systems, increasing the energy efficiency and comfort of living in the building. The pavements are the second product line we specialize in. The need for innovative solutions and products with high strength, diverse colours and styles suitable for public infrastructure and private property is what drove the implementation of this line.

- Tell us more about the socially responsible campaigns Technocim participates in?

For the seventh year in a row Technocim allocates a percentage of the profits from every square metre of roof tiles sold in support of “Warm Lunch” – a Bulgarian Red Cross campaign which provides lunch to children in need. All of us in Technocim and BS Group of Companies believe in this cause and will continue to support it. With the help of our corporate donors, more than 1 million lunches have been provided and more than 17 thousand children have been helped to get back to school all over Bulgaria. Technocim also provides support to a number of centers for children with special needs, churches and mosques.

- Many will say that being a woman in a managerial position working for a company producing building materials is not quite typical. Are there any challenges and stereotypes you need to overcome?

I believe that professionalism has no gender. I can say that being part of a team that’s motivated and embraces common values makes me feel I am on the right place to be. I have studied to be an engineer, but my purpose is to be a sales person. What I do brings me joy and fulfillment and even though men a prevalent in this industry, I think that there are also many successful ladies on managerial positions who have proven their professionalism.

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