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Sandwich panel systems are the best solution for industrial buildings

Name: Petar Marinkov

Role: Operations Director

Company: Technopanel

Petar Marinkov has graduated Mechanical Engineering at Technical University Sofia. He started his professional career as a designer of protective equipment for metal cutting machines. He then began working in the rubber industry, where for several years he has been responsible for the technical department of the company. His career continues in the production of polyurethanes in the automotive industry. He has been with Technopanel since 2007, starting in the position of Production Manager. Currently, Petar Marinkov is Operations Director of Technopanel and Technocim, which are part of BS Group of Companies.

- Mr. Marinkov, could you tell us more about Technopanel and the company's products?

Technopanel is the first and only Bulgarian manufacturer of sandwich panels. The company develops, manufactures and offers roof, facade and wall sandwich panels with three types of raw materials (thermal insulation) - polyurethane, polyisocyanurate and mineral wool. The company has sales representatives throughout Bulgaria, as well as in Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to the sale of sandwich panels, Technopanel also provides engineering, thus offering our customers complete solutions for the building.

- What are the biggest advantages of sandwich panels?

Sandwich panels have numerous advantages in terms thermal insulation, energy efficiency, aesthetic and design characteristics, and many more. We can say that sandwich panel systems are the best solution for industrial buildings and recently they are increasingly being applied in passive houses as well.

- Which are the current trends in the sandwich panel systems that you can highlight?

An interesting trend is that sandwich panels tend to displace other alternative products such as layered facades and roofing solutions. Another significant trend is linked with the energy efficiency that has been a key topic recently. Generally, up to 80% of the total energy consumed by a certain building is used for heating and cooling. The use of appropriate insulation, such as sandwich panels systems, can significantly reduce its amount. Another benefit is that the roofs sandwich panels systems can be the best solution for installation of solar systems or other types of energy sources. Speaking about that, many companies are now building photovoltaic parks in order to consume the energy for their needs, which is much more cost efficient.

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