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Technopanel is the only Bulgarian manufacturer of sandwich panels

The company offers professional solutions for wide variety of non-residential buildings with high requirements for good insulation, fast installation and beautiful modern exterior.

Technopanel is the first and only Bulgarian manufacturer of sandwich panels, member of BS Group of Companies. Established in 2007, its’ factory spreads over 65 000 square meters near Yana village in the suburbs of Sofia. The factory is equipped with most modern and advanced technology, allowing Technopanel to develop, manufacture and offer on the market roof, façade and interior wall panels with three different main raw materials – polyurethane, polyisocyanurate and mineral wool. The company’s sale representatives operate in every part of Bulgaria, as well as Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. ‘We have managed to establish a solid reputation, thanks to the exceptional quality of the solutions we provide and to build an image of a strong trustworthy partner.’ – Petar Marinkov, Operational Manager, Technopanel.

Sandwich Panels’ Application

Sandwich Panels TTOP-roof panels and TFACE-wall panels are manufactured with high quality materials, having excellent physical and mechanical properties and diverse applications. They are fast and easy to install, and the precision and solidity of the joints between the adjacent panels guarantees reliable water and heat insulation.

The TTOP and TFACE panels are suitable for facades and roofs of industrial and office buildings, production halls, industrial warehouses, sport halls, hypermarkets, commercial centers, garages, petrol stations etc. Their application includes almost any non-residential building with requirements for good insulation, fast installation and appealing exterior. The panels are certified for fire resistance, durability of reaction to fire performance, mechanical resistance, heat insulation, sound proofing, health and safety assessment.

Added value

‘We are constantly striving to improve our products, providing superior quality and innovative solutions to our clients.’ – says Petar Marinkov. The clients of Technopanel can rely on our sales and engineering team for professional assistance, consultation and expert opinion on different project related problems. The engineers of Technopanel develop and provide detailed facade drawings, installation plans and accordingly prepared delivery schedules. They carefully estimate bill of quantities and cost of all necessary panels and fittings. Due to the partnership with different construction companies, Technopanel can offer professional assistance for various building projects as well as all necessary fittings for accomplishing them. You can learn more about the successful projects of Technopanel on the company's website.

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Sneha Singhal
Sneha Singhal
Mar 19

Do you manufacture HPL based sandwich panels ?


Mohamad Fakih
Mohamad Fakih
Dec 26, 2021

I'm interested sandwich panel

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