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Technogips Pro provides professional drywall solutions in 24 countries

Updated: May 28, 2020

The products of the company are internationally certified and meet the highest standards of the industry.

Technogips Pro is the first Bulgarian company specialized in production of gypsum plasterboard, dry gypsum mixtures and plaster. The mission of the company is to provide innovative building solutions for safe, healthy and comfortable living environment. In the manufacturing process are applied latest generation technology and the products satisfy all EU quality and safety requirements. Technogips Pro has 10 years of experience on the market and is present in over 24 countries.

System Solutions

The company develops and offers variety of solutions for different types of partition walls and suspended ceilings, compliant with the highest construction standards. The portfolio of Technogips Pro includes complete range of drywall products – standard plasterboard, as well as specially designed technical boards: water resistant, fire resistant, sound comfort, exterior and high impact resistant plaster boards. Technogips Pro also produce all necessary dry gypsum powders for installing, concealing joints, and achieving perfectly smooth finish.

Better living environment

Environmentally friendly manufacturing is one of the company’s top priorities – strategic location, resources and technology – they all matter greatly in achieving this goal. Packaging of Dry Powders and Plasterboards is fully composed of 100% recycled paper. Furthermore, the gypsum itself is the only building material that is fully recyclable, improve its qualities when stored properly and is completely harmless. We work with the vision to support the sustainable development of construction industry.

‘The building materials manufactured and offered by us not only are harmless, but they improve the living environment. Gypsum is a natural material with limitless useful properties and applications in the construction.’ – Petar Kaloyanov, Sales and Marketing Manager at Technogips Pro.


Every single product of the systems is certified, this way the company assures the quality and the properties of each wall and ceiling designed. The solutions for walls, ceilings and facades, offered by the company are certified and accredited in both Bulgarian and international laboratories and meet the requirements even of the most demanding and challenging projects. ‘The company strive to develop ingenious products and systems for the drywall industry, as well as new manufacturing technology through research and innovation. Our strategic vision is to be an employer of choice and this is the reason why we are constantly developing our teams and providing career opportunities for the young specialists.’ – Petar Kaloyanov.

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