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Technocim is a leading manufacturer of roof systems and outdoor pavements in Bulgaria

The products of the company are produced in compliance with the highest EU standards.

Technocim is established in 2007 and has a modern industrial base that allows the production of wide variety high quality roof tiles and concrete pavements.

‘We embarked on this new venture at a moment of economic crisis in Bulgaria, competing with established leaders on the market. The challenges we had to overcome at the beginning are far behind us and now, 13 years later the trust of our numerous customers towards the brand is established as a result of the efforts of our team of professionals.’ – Petar Marinkov, Operation Manager at Technocim.

All products of Technocim are manufactured in compliance with the EU product standards and Bulgarian standardization regulations. The products are tested in officially accredited laboratories and have declarations of conformity with BDS EN 1338/1339/1340 for pavements and BDS EN 490 for roof tiles. These standards assure that the products have the necessary properties: strength resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, water absorption, durability and many more important qualities. Technocim’s products not only satisfy but surpass the required parameters of the standardization institutions providing superior quality and endurance. The source materials and substances are subject to strict testing in the factory lab guaranteeing constant quality control of the end products.

Maintaining constant stock of products in a company warehouse as well as a well-developed distribution network in the entire country, proves to provide short delivery terms and fast response to the clients’ needs.

Roof Tiles

Roof tiles production is effectively accomplished on a unique production line with 3 different types of profiles – low wave, middle wave and flat. Such modern versatile production lines are only available in Switzerland and Germany and are no more than 5% of the total in the world. Distinctive characteristic of the concrete roof tiles is their special technology of manufacturing, unlike the ceramic products they are not baked but rather dried. This method allows for a superior quality and some incomparable properties: outstanding cracking and breaking resistance, fast installation, exclusive water resistance, fire resistance, extreme weather resistance, reliability during bad weather conditions, etc.


Pavements are produced through a process of vibration and pressing achieving dense structure and strength of the blocks and tiles. The products are with modular shapes allowing for various combinations and arrangements, providing a tool for designers and investors to express their ideas. And to make everything even better Technocim offers a technical assistance and ready to apply solutions.

Accessories and systems

Technocim’s roof system offers its clients a complete solution, including all necessary components to achieve ultimate quality, safety and aesthetics.

Dedicated to improving the living environment and giving back to the society, the company takes part in significant noble causes. Seven subsequent years Technocim supports the initiative ‘Wаrm lunch‘ of the Bulgarian Red Cross, by donating part of the revenue for each square meter tiles sold to provide lunch for children in need.

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