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The most popular underground construction technologies - Milan method

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

In a series of upcoming blog posts we are going to tell you more about the most popular technologies used in the underground construction nowadays

During the construction of the underground in Sofia, 5 main methods are used - depending on the peculiarities of the environment. One of the most popular technologies is the so-called Milan method, which is applied to more quickly restore the surface above the facilities and traffic on the boulevards. In the Milan method, walls are first built and roof slabs are placed over them. Once the terrain is secured, the excavation work in the tunnels begins. The underground tunnel machine has main role in the construction of such facilities. Its weigh is 1600 tons and has an average speed of 80 mm per minute. The final two stages are the construction of a duplicate structure and architecture as well as the finishing works. After the construction works are done, there are a number of mandatory activities before its launch. Installation of equipment and control systems, train tests and driver training are just some of them. Thanks to the Milan construction method, no expensive and time-consuming auxiliary structures or anchors are required, instead intermediate slabs are made for ensuring propping between diaphragm or pile walls.

The team of BS Konstructia is the main contractor of the Station “Boulevard Bulgaria”, which was fully completed before the planned deadline. A team of nearly 100 professionals in the field of road and infrastructure construction were engaged in the implementation of the project. Another station from the new section of the underground, in which BS Konstructia participates, is the one on Krasno Selo, where the construction was done in consortium with HSS Group. Important project of BS Konstructia is also Lomsko Shose Metro Station, part of the second line of the Sofia underground. For the implementation of this project, including an underground station, an overpass with a length of 1250 m and two bridges, BS Konstructia won an award for "Project with the most significant contribution to the development of the urban environment" in the prestigious national competition Building of the Year in 2012.

For 26 years, we at BS Konstructia have successfully completed a number of infrastructure projects of national importance - in addition to the stations in the Sofia Underground, these are also Terminal 2 at Sofia Airport, Sofia Central Bus Station and many others, commented Toshko Kolev, Executive Director of BS Konstructia. The company's portfolio includes projects from all areas of construction, some of them are, for example, the ski area in Bansko, industrial buildings, trade and logistics centres, residential complexes and holiday villages and many others, says Toshko Kolev.

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